Monday, September 5, 2011

Quick & Easy Breakfast - Egg Sandwich

I was starving the other day but tired of scrambled egg whites and toast and decided to make an egg sandwich.  It uses basically the same things but takes on a whole new feel and taste.

It was so delicious! (Please ignore the fact that I burnt the edge of my toast).  It was 3 egg whites scrambled in pam and topped with a piece of Krat Deluxe 2% Sharp Cheddar Cheese on a low calorie whole wheat bread.

This is super easy to adapt to different calorie needs too.  Yesterday I made the same thing for my husband and I again for a lazy Sunday breakfast.  Mine was made the same but his was made on two hearty slices of buttered french bread with two whole fried eggs and mozzarella.  I got two thumbs up for his sandwich as well.

Another great idea is to assemble several of these ahead of time.  Your best bet is to use hamburger buns (whichever kind you like), top with eggs and cheese, wrap securely in foil and freeze.  While its not exactly as fresh they definitely microwave great and are perfect for a last minute breakfast while running out the door or if you can muster up the energy to cook.

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