Thursday, May 17, 2012

Shopping Trip - Target

This was a shopping trip from last week that i never got around to sharing, but the deals are all still good (if you happen to have any of the same coupons).

One Touch Ultra Mini Meters x 2 -
  • Original Price 19.99....Sale Price 9.99
  • I used two manufacturers coupons each for 10.00 off one making them both FREE plus .01 cents overage on each one
Banana Boat Travel Size sunscreen -
  • Priced at .97 cents
  • I had a Target coupon for 1.00 off any banana boat sunscreen (no size restrictions) so this was FREE!
Coppertone Water Babies Travel Sized Sunscreen -
  • Priced at .97 cents
  • I had a Target coupon for 1.00 off any coppertone suncreen (no size restriction) so this was FREE!
Johnson & Johnson Travel Size First Aid Kit -
  • Priced at 1.02
  • I used one manufaturers coupon good for 1.00 off any johnson and johnson first aid product so this was .02 cents!
Calidad tortilla Chips -
  • Original price was price was 1.50
  • I had a manufactuers coupon (the kind that print at the register) for 1.00 off these chips so they were only .50 cents!
Merona Women's Shirt -
  • Original price was 12.99....clearance was 4.48
  • I had one Target coupon for 3.00 off any Merona apparel item so this shirt was only 1.48 cents!
Aquafresh Extreme Clean Travel Sized Toothpaste -
  • priced at .97 cents
  • I had a target coupon for 1.50 off any aquash extreme clean (no size restriction).  normally target coupons automatically adjust down if the purchase price is less than the coupon, but for some reason this coupon beeped and the cashier had to manullay enter it and he took off the full 1.50 so this toothpaste was FREE plus .53 cents overage.  (*note that normally you will never get any kind of overage off target coupons)

So my grand total for everything picture was a whopping 1.45 cents plus tax!

Plus I have a Target Red Card so I get an additional 5% off all my Target purchases which makes all my couponing there just a tad bit sweeter. :)

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