Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Freebie Alert

For those of you who live near a 7-11 you'll definitely want to stop in there this Thursday and pick up a free cup of coffee.  In my world, the only thing that could be better than coffee is free coffee.

I also wanted to alert those of you who have a CVS near you to a couple great freebies they've got going on this week (as long as you use your cvs card):

  • excedrin 8 ct is on sale for .99 cents and you get .99 cents extra bucks back making them totally FREE (the limit on this offer is 2)
  • The therma care patches are on sale for 3.79 and you get 3.79 back making them totally FREE (the limit on this offer is 1)
  • Also, not toally free but Softsoap bodywash is on sale 2/6.00 and you get 4.00 extra bucks making them 2/2.00 however this is a pretty great deal because if you get the Sunday paper there was a coupon in there for 1.00 off one softsoap body wash (and a few weeks ago there was a coupon for 1.00 off 2 body wash)....so if you had two of the 1.00 off one these could be free as well

For those of you not familiar with CVS extra bucks you are completely missing out.  Every week CVS offers different products with extra bucks which is basically a coupon that works like cash on your next purchase.  Just watch the adds because they tend to alternate but every few weeks have several items that are free after the extra bucks.  The extra bucks can be redeemed immediately (I usually buy anything with extra bucks in one transaction then use those extra bucks to immediately pay for anything else I'm buying).  They can be used on anything in the store just like cash.  They're also great because I "recycle" mine and just use them to get whatever is free after extra bucks next week.


  1. I can attest to the fact that CVS is the best retail pharmacy for coupons!! There are only a couple of CVS stores where I live now because Walgreens/Happy Harry's have taken over my state pretty much. Everything is SO expensive. :(

  2. CVS really has amazing bargains!