Monday, September 26, 2011

Coupon Savings - Ralphs Grocery Store

I bought:
  • Horizon Organic Individual Milk - Regular 1.25 each (on markdown for .49 each plus 3 coupons for $1 off two milks) - paid 0.00 because I actually got .03 cents in overage
  • Skinny Cow Chocolate Clusters x 4 - Regular .99 each (on sale for .69 each plus a .75 off two which doubled up to 1.00) paid .80 cents for all 4
  • Luna Bars x 2 - Regular 1.49 each (on sale for .99 each plus a .50 off each bar coupon)  paid 1.00
  • Quaker Rice Cakes x 2 - Regular price 1.99 (on sale for .99 each, plus a .55 of two coupon which doubled up to 1.00)  paid 1.00 for both
  • Monster Coffee Energy Drinks x 2 - regular price 2.49 (I had two free coupons so they were both free)  paid 0.00
  • Boursin Cheese - regular price 3.99 (on markdown for 1.99 plus there was a 1.00 off coupon on the package) paid .99 cents
Total before store savings and coupons would have been - 26.50 plus crv and tax

I paid - 2.80 cents plus crv and tax

Tips from this shopping trip:
  1. pay attention to products while shopping, they often have coupons attached to them
  2. do NOT be afraid of markdown, just be selective...Ralphs is known for marking down food close to the expiration date...the cheese for example is good until the 27th but since I plan on using it immediately thats more than fine.  The milk is actually good until Oct. 20th so they most likely just had an over stock.  Mark down food is NOT bad...but you do need to always check expiration dates first
  3. dont be afraid to pay twice....I needed my skinny cow chocolate coupons to both double to maximize savings so I paid in two different transactions

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