Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Healthy Shopping at the .99 cent Store

I know what you're thinking....you can't get good, healthy (and even Organic!) food at the .99 cent store.  Well I've got news for you - you can!

Of course selection will vary depending on what store you go to, but I urge all of you bargain shoppers not to overlook the .99 cent store.  It's going to take a little extra looking because the store does have more than its fair share of products only found there (not a good value), or foods with horrible ingredients and even sometimes food way too close to the expiration date.

However don't let that make you think there isn't anything there.  The .99 cent store (and others like it), get large quantities of products by buying in bulk.  I've actually found that they tend to get a lot of healthier items when a store isn't going to carry that item anymore, or more commonly when the packacing has changed.

These were just a few of my scores yesterday...

My mom actually really likes baby cereal.  It has a similar consistency to cream of wheat or malt or meal with very minimal ingredients.  Plus this is organic and filled with pre & probiotics!  This retails for several dollars more at Target.

Barbarara's is a great company.  This bars are no exception.  They're Organic, all natural, no refined white sugar, no artificial flavors or colors and a decent amount of natural protein and fiber.  Did I mention they are insanely delicious because they are.

The .99 cent store carries tons of beverages which are not all created equal.  When I found out the can of "juice" I'd been buying my husband for his lunch was full of high fructose corn syrup I knew I couldn't let him drink it anymore.  I found these canned juices for only .59 cents each, and they're both 100% juice!

Polenta is a great side dish.  The only problem is that corn is one of the most dangerous foods because of its propensitity to be genertically modified.  This polenta however is non GMO....a great find!

This box is comparable to the all natural sweetener (comparable to Stevia) retails for about 3-4 times the cost at national chains.  Great steal!

So just remember when shopping at the .99 cent store:
  • check every aisle
  • read ingredient labels
  • check expiration dates
  • don't be afraid to try something new
  • go back often (stock is always changing)