Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Food Find - Ore-Ida Crinkle Sweet Potato Fries

First I have to apologize for my absence from my blog.  My husband and I bought our first home and moved in almost 2 weeks ago and we still don’t have internet (I’m using internet at my grandma’s house today).  I just had to share something I discovered last night though…the most delicious sweet potato fries you will ever taste!

I have to admit that I do love sweet potatoes, but I’ve tried sweet potatoes in the past and was never a big fan of whatever type of coating they’ve used.  Last night though I was making burgers and saw Ore-Ida Crinkle Sweet Potato fries and picked them up for my mom…but when I tried them I was hooked.

The outside has a very light (gluten free) coating that gives them a small crunch while the inside is incredibly creamy and sweet.  We tried them sprinkled with cinnamon and it was heaven on a plate.  They were like little bits of sweet potato pie!  They were also irresistible sprinkled with sea salt and dipped in ketchup.  There is definitely something about the crinkle as opposed to the straight cut just makes them extra tasty.

They’re gluten free, fairly low in calories, contain no trans fats and are high in beta carotene with a decent dose of fiber too.

The nutritional stats are as follows:
Serving Size – 3oz
Calories – 140
Fat – 7 grams
Fiber – 2 grams

Seriously, you guys must give them a try!  I can see these tossed with cinnamon and sugar (or splenda) for dessert, served with eggs for a fun twist on breakfast, a delicious side to burgers or hot dogs or even something fun with BBQ chicken or pork chops.  They are such a versatile side.

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