Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Walgreens Deals


So its been awhile since my last post but I'm hoping to get back into sharing great tips for living well, without breaking the budget.  and I've got a great post to get back into the swing of things.

Yesterday I went to Walgreens and managed to get everything you see below for a whopping 1.94 including tax (and two packages of cookies even managed to not make it into the photo!)

I got:

  • 5 bags of chex mix
  • 1 bottle of Purex Laundrey Detergent
  • 1 bottle of Herbal Essence Shampoo
  • 1 bottle of Herbal Essence Conditioner
  • 1 box of Biore blackhead strips
  • 1 bottle of Biore face clearing scrub
  • 1 box of Puff tissues
  • 2 individual packages of madelline cookies (not pictures)

Check Mix was 3/$3 but if you bought 5 you got a $3 Catalina back.  I also had 5 coupons for .50 cents off each bag so I paid 2.50 and got 3.00 back!

The Purex was on sale 1.99 plus I had a coupon for 1.00 off so I paid .99

The Herbal Essence shampoo and condition was on sale for 2/$6 and you got 2$ Register Regwards when you bought two.  i had two free product coupons from facebook so I paid 0.00 and got 2.00 back!

The Biore strips and facial scrub were on sale for 5.99 each and you got a 5.00 register reward when you bought two.  I had a buy one box of strips get a cleanser free coupon so I paid 5.99 and got 5.00 back.

The box of puffs was on sale for 1.00 and I had .75 off one box so it was .25 cents.

The cookies were not pictures and were on clearance for .25 cents each and I used them as a filler so that I could do mulptiple transactions.  By doing multiple transactions I was able to roll over my register rewards and in the end I spent 4.94 cents but I have a $3 Register Reward left so everything above cost me just 1.94 cents out of pocket!  Score!


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