Thursday, February 23, 2012

Food Finds - Lundberg Rice Chips & Oskri Sesame Bars

My current obsession is Lundberg Rice Chips.

I love to snack and I love crunchy food.  Unfortunately tons of snacks (especially chips) are high in fat, sodium and calories.  They're also often full of unhealthy ingredients like MSG (and for some of us gluten).

So when I found these chips I was so excited I actually clapped.  These are made with brown rice and corn and are certified gluten free.  They're also 70% organic, kosher, free of gmos, and devoid of any fake and scary ingredients. 

But trust me when I say you do not need to be avoiding gluten to love these chips.  They are definitely heartier than your average tortilla chip for example but they've got a great crunch.  They would be amzing with hummus or some type of dip because they're thicker than normal.

The flavors are also amazing.  The Santa Fe Barbeque is sweet and smokey while the Pico de Gallo has an awesome spicy mexican flair.  I can't wait to try all of these flavors.

On average they've got about 140 calories a serving and 6 grams of fat so definitely a healthy snack.

My other new food find is Oskri Sesame Bars.

These came with three very thin sesame bars in one package.  They're light and crispy and oh so nutty.  I've always loved sesame candy but its not always the healthiest so I was pretty excited when I found these bars. 

These bars are kosher, vegetarian, gluten free and are also free of all refined sugars.  They're actually sweetened with date syrup which makes them less sweet than a traditional sesame candy would be.

I found mine at Home Goods a chain which sells (as the name would suggest) home decor at discounted prices.  They also have a gourmet food section though which I love.  I got a box of 5 of these bars for only 3.99.

If you like Sesame you really have to try these bars!  Only 217 calories for the entire package as well which is great for a product containing sesame since those can be very calorically dense.  They're crispy, nutty and slightly sweet and oh so satisfying.

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