Monday, February 20, 2012

Taking It One Day At A Time

So far the Gluten Free thing is going pretty good.  It's only been a few days but I haven't had too much trouble.  It's hard sometimes, especially when I'm out and I'm hungry, because it seems like everything has gluten in it.  There are tons of substitutes and great things to eat though as long as I plan ahead.

The no refined sugar thing on the other hand is going horribly.  I joke sometimes about my sweet tooth and being addicted, but I think its worse than even I thought.  The first two days I cut out gluten I defintely rebelled and ate a lot of sugar and I didn't feel good.

Yesterday I did a lot better, but I realizing that while I may be able to cut out gluten completely I'm going to have some slips up with sugar along the way (for example its amazing how many yogurts, even healthy ones and greek yogurts have refined sugars in them).  I think for now i'm going to focus on just cutting back and trying to cut out junk (like candy).

One day at a time.

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