Friday, April 20, 2012

Shopping Trip - Target

I headed to Target yesterday and got a few coupon items.

Tums Refreshers - Sale price 2.36
  • minus a 1.50 off one manufacturers coupon and a .75 off one Target coupon
  • Total cost - .11 cents!
Two Gatorade (for the hubby) - Price 1.02 cents each
  • minus 1.00 off one Gatorade x 2
  • Total cost - .02 cents each plus crv
3 Market Pantry Spaghetti Sauce - Sale price 1.00 each
  • I used three coupons each good for 1.00 off one market pantry pasta (these printed out at the register for me on a previous shopping trip, then while shopping yesterday I found one laying on the shelf)
  • Total Cost - 0.00!
 Market Pantry Brand Light Mayo - Sale price 2.24 cents
  • I had one printable target coupon for 1.00 off a target brand mayo
  • Total cost - 1.24 cents

So my grand total for everything yesterday was a whopping  1.39 cents plus CRV and tax.  I love coupons!

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