Saturday, May 5, 2012

Progress, Not Perfection

So along with continuing struggle with my weight is my continuing struggle with food. I swear the more I read the less I know. Every single book, or dr. or holistic food expect says something contradictory about what is healthy.

After my failed attempts this week at prune/chia pudding and some really awful cookies made with garbanzo beans instead of wheat I’m done.

I’m not done trying to find awesome, healthy things to eat. I’m just done trying to avoid certain foods, or food groups.

I know its not easy, but I’m definitely a food addict. I often think if I avoid one food group (carbs, refined sugar, processed food, gluten, etc…) that it’ll take away all my desires to eat. The thing is though, I’m not changing a lot in my life so its not a big surprise that my way of dealing with life happiness, stress, boredom, etc..) is the same.

I read once that insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results which if what I’m doing.

Anyway, I always said “oh I’m just not someone who can eat some foods in moderation) which to an extent is true. I know there are some foods that aren’t healthy and I can’t stop eating. But I think its also true that I just need to repair my relationship with food altogether and stop worrying I’m eating the wrong thing.

I don't have any food allergies or reasons to avoid specific foods.

So from now on I'm going to practice more whole foods. More homemade, less processed and always as natural as possible. But if occasionally I slip up and have something else <i>it is ok.</i> I’ve always been an all or nothing person and known it needed to change ubt never took the right steps to change that mindset.

As one of my best friends in the world aptly said...Progress, Not Perfection.

Though many of you may not struggle with weight and food, this is an idea that really transcends issues.

In what ways do you find yourself with an "all or nothing" mentality?  How do you remind yourself of the bigger picture without beating yourself up for small slip-ups along the way?

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